Fall Fragrance Descriptions

Cinnamon Sugar: sweet and spicy scent, You'll love the notes of ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom.

Maple Pecan: a sweet mix of caramel, maple, vanilla, cream, pecan, and a touch of musk.

Crackling Embers: warm, savory tones of aromatic clove, sweet vanilla and resinous rosewood with elegant notes of opulent amber, rich cedar and golden sandalwood.

Cozy Cotton: sparkling top notes of fragrant bergamot, spicy citrus and comforting hints of underlying sweetness. A transcending and glowing aroma of peaceful tranquility and cozy reflection.
Autumn Breeze: notes of rich wooded pine, spicy harvest fruits, and breezy florals.
Smoked Vanilla:  fragrant sandalwood expertly intertwine with handsome accords of polished leather; while a warm base of fine bourbon seductively completes this lavishly cozy and one-of-a-kind aroma.
Balsam & Cedar: Refreshing notes of bright citrus fresh forest air. 
Sugared Apple: Pucker up to the tart, juicy, delicious aroma of crisp sugared apples! The decadence of vanilla sugar and the fresh tartness of authentic apple make this an unforgettable aroma!
 Baked Apple Pie: a True Baked Apple Pie Fragrance!!! This is the scent of a Freshly baked apple pie with light undertones of spice.
Berry Cobbler: Freshly harvested blueberries blended together with fresh cream, sugared vanilla, and warm swirls of streusel topping.
Maple Butter Cheesecake: A delicious mouthwatering blend of buttery cheesecake with notes of maple.
Orange Danish: A sweet blend of citrus, cinnamon with a hint of pecan.
Pralines & Cream: A delicious blend of creamy vanilla and nutty pecan.
Grandmas Kitchen: A warm welcoming blend of sweet cinnamon and clove.
Raspberry Truffle: A delicious blend of tart raspberry and sweet cookie.
Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies: A mouthwatering delicious blend of peanut butter and oatmeal cookie.
Coffee Cake & Spice: Hints of cherry and orange tease a spicy heart of nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove, balanced by a creamy warm base of hazelnut, walnut and french vanilla.
Caramel Brownie Cheesecake: A delicious blend of buttercream and fudge brownie.
Black Forest Truffle: A mouthwatering delicious blend of cherry and rich chocolate.
Cookies for Santa: A delicious blend of creamy vanilla bean and sugar cookie.
Cherry Crumb Pie: **For candles/wax melt only, not skin safe** a combination of sweet black cherries and sour cherries with a base note of a freshly baked southern flake crust.
Tart Red Raspberries: A fruity tart red raspberry scent.
Southern Praline: A delicious blend of pecan, eggnog, and vanilla bean.
Southern Pecan: Sweet orange opens this luscious blend of roasted pecans, maple sugar and caramel. Warm cinnamon spice adds another layer of yumminess and leads to the base of creamed vanilla.
Cranberry Chutney: There are hint of apple, raisin and concord grape, and of course the robust scent of tart cranberries.
Sparkling Honey Apple: Sparkling apple champagne with a touch of wild berries and pear.
Apple Balsam Pine: A unique blend of juicy apple, cassis, jasmine and siberian fir.
Winter Solstice: A seasonal blend of fresh pine needles, spicy cinnamon, vanilla, and cedarwood.
Tropical Hibiscus: Relax your senses and promote sleep with this unique blend of tropical hibiscus, blooming ylang-ylang and rose on a soft base of sandalwood and cedar.
Tranquil: Tranquil and serene with the soothing combination of citrus ozone, rose, jasmine apple, pear, greens and musk.
Campfire S'mores: toasted marshmallow, charred firewood, melted chocolate and graham crackers that fill the air on a cool evening.