Cedarwood & Spice Hemp and Mango Lotion Bar

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Cedarwood & Spice is sexy and sensual with rich warm notes of spicy incense blended with rich Cedarwood and spicy clove. Warm undertones of bergamot and black pepper complete this exotic fragrance.

This solid lotion bar is chocked full of nourishing food for your skin. Your skin will soak in the Virgin Hemp Oil and Mango Butter and leave it soft and moisturized.
Additionally, there is Vitamin E and beeswax for antioxidant and moisture retention properties.

Simply roll up the bar and rub against you dry skin areas and rub in with your hands until absorbed. A little goes a long. it is naturally colored an olive hue by the Dark Green Hemp Seed Oil.

 Ingredients: hemp seed oil, mango butter, beeswax, vitamin E, fragrance oil/essential oil