Goat Milk Bar Soap

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 Our goat milk soap contains goat milk, which is loaded with vitamins, beta-casein, and protein for properties that will hydrate and nourish dry skin. A favorite ingredient, goat’s milk, is a naturally homogenized, silky-soft moisturizer. It’s full of the good fats that help your skin’s pH levels lock in extra hydration. 

Lavender Cashmere: Sweet, Clean and Sexy. Lavender Cashmere starts off with notes of  lemon shimmer, star apple and luscious sea air, a touch of Lavender, winter Amaryllis and soft, sexy amber and a hint of cashmere woods, white musk and soft sensual sandalwood. 

Cedarwood & Spice:  Sexy and Sensual with rich warm notes of spicy incense blend with rich Cedarwood and spicy clove and a pinch of bergamot and black pepper complete this exotic fragrance.

Irish Saints: This is a clean, sexy "must have" fragrance.  Irish Saints starts off with spicy-sweet blend of French verbena and lemon, green Florentine iris, violet leaves, and sublime notes of Mysore sandalwood and ambergris.  

Crush'in on It: a delicious blend of  pistachios and almond, heliotrope and jasmine, with a touch of caramel, vanilla, salt, and sandalwood.

Lavender Fields: the floral aroma of lavender flowers. 

Oats & Honey: a good for you blend of oatmeal, milk, honey and almond. 


Ingredients: Goat Milk, Non-GMO & Sustainable Coconut Oil, Non-GMO & Sustainable Palm